Cart66 1.5 Released

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All new settings page including the notifications center

We are happy to announce the release of Cart66 1.5 including the new Advanced Notifications Center. This release marks a major advancement in Cart66 providing new, powerful features to help you keep in touch with your customers and provide a more seamless experience between all the components of your store: your customers, your shipping carriers, order fulfillment centers, etc. Here are the highlights of some of the new features in this release.

HTML Email Receipts

You can now send HTML email receipts to your customers to give your store a more professional feel. Include you company logo, links, and even customize the receipt using our library of dynamic placeholder tags. Using these tags you customize each receipt with your customers name, address information, order status, links to view the receipt online, and much more.

Send HTML emails using Cart66

Timed Followup Emails

Want to make sure your new customer is enjoying their purchase? Set up Cart66 to send a followup email a few days after an order is placed. This adds a new level of customer service to Cart66. Send some tips for using your product, remind your customer where your support forum is, or send a coupon for another purchase. There are plenty of great ways to use timed followup emails.

Order Status Emails

Keep your customer in the loop as you process their order. Every time you change the status of an order you can have an email sent to your customer. Did you just ship an order? Cart66 will send the tracking number to your customer. Just configure the email with the tracking number placeholder tag.

Order Fulfillment Emails

Do you drop ship orders or need to email orders to your business partners? Cart66 can now send customized emails on a per-product basis! So any time a particular product is ordered, you can email the necessary order information to the appropriate teams in order to fulfill the order.

Subscription Reminder Emails

If you sell subscriptions or membership products, Cart66 can now email your members to let them know their membership is about to expire. Sometimes these messages are referred to as dunning messages. The idea is you can send an email 1 month then 2 weeks, then 1 week before a membership expires. If the account gets renewed after the first message, then the other message will not be sent. If the customer does not want to renew, we’ve built in an opt-out feature as well.

  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Free upgrades for life
  • 1 year free support

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More Notifications Goodies…

In addition to everything just mentioned, we have included default HTML templates for all of the types of emails Cart66 will send. The HTML email editors support syntax highlighting. You can see live previews of the messages you as you are composing them, and send test messages to make sure everything looks just right. Cart66 can now add tracking numbers to orders with a live link to the carrier website (UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post and DHL). If a customer accidentally deletes their email receipt, Cart66 can now resend email receipts. If you are selling digital products, the download links are now included directly in the email receipt as well as in the online version of the receipt.

Video features overview

Other new features

  • Completely redesigned Cart66 admin settings page
  • Add internal notes to orders
  • View order notes on main orders page
  • Exclude products from promotions
  • Set a maximum order amount for promotions
  • Use custom PayPal Standard and PayPal Express buttons via URL
  • Disable billing landing page for PayPal Express
  • Ability to disable IP Validation for database sessions
  • Set database session length in minutes
  • Ship items individually for FedEx and Australia Post
  • Automatic tax calculations on checkout page
  • Ability to show order summary when tax is calculated
  • Improved error messages to make them more clear and easier to understand

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