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Duck Feeding Promotion

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Create a deeply discounted promotion that can only be used a few times then share it on Twitter or Facebook with a “buy now” link. This is a great way to generate some activity and interest with your Cart66 store.

Buy Now Links


Create “Buy Now” and “Add To Cart” links that you can use on Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters and more. It’s easy to create a link that will put a product in the cart and send your new customer right to your checkout page.

Organize Your Products With Custom Post Types


If you have a large website, many products, or just want to better organize the content on your site, consider using custom post types to create a special post type for the products in your store. With the awesome Types plugin you can very easily set up as many custom post types as you want. […]

Gravity Forms Pricing Fields In Cart66

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Cart66 has full support for the pricing fields in Gravity Forms. This means you can use Gravity Forms to design your product order form including unlimited product options. You can even have product options that change the price of the product. Here is how it works. Create The Gravity Form Click on the “New Form” […]

Dashboard Widgets

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Cart66 1.3 comes with a couple new built-in dashboard widgets to help you manage your store. 1. Cart66 Recent Orders Widget This widget is designed to give you a basic overview of the most recent orders that have come in through your online store.  This helps you see order information, status, delivery options, order totals […]

Working with Promotions

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Promotion Name: *Required Description: Enter a name for the promotion. This name will be displayed to the customer at checkout and in the sales report. Promotion names do not need to be unique. Example: Summer Sale, Wednesday Special Promotion Code: *Required Description: Enter 1 or more codes which will be entered to redeem a promotion. […]

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