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Cart66 1.3 comes with a couple new built-in dashboard widgets to help you manage your store.

1. Cart66 Recent Orders Widget
This widget is designed to give you a basic overview of the most recent orders that have come in through your online store.  This helps you see order information, status, delivery options, order totals and more.

2. Cart66 Statistics
This widget gives you statistics of your store revenue.  This will give you the orders for the current day, totals for the month, projected income for the month, average daily sales for the last 6 months and more.


The recent orders widget will be enabled default when you install Cart66 1.3.  If you have no orders in your system, the widget will look like this:

As you begin to have orders in your system, the widget will automatically show the 10 most recent orders in the pane.

The Recent Orders widget is customizable and allows you to display Order Numbers, Delivery Method, and Status as well as change the number of orders shown. To configure, click on the “Configure” link in the upper right hand corner of the widget. (This is invisible until the cursor hovers over it)

The options will look like this:

Edit the options as you want:

With all options selected, the widget will look similar to the following:

You can also change the number of recent orders displayed:



The recent orders widget will be enabled default when you install Cart66 1.3. The statistics widget has 5 main screens with statistics for your Cart66 online store:

1. The default tab is the Summary tab:

2. The Today/Yesterday tab shows the totals from today and yesterday as well as all orders from today:

3. The Month tab shows each product that has been purchased in the current month with the number of sales and income:

4. The Daily Average tab shows the total income for each of the last six months as well as the daily average for that month:

5. The Estimate tab gives an overview of the current month with a projected estimate for income:

To disable the Recent orders widget or the Statistics widget, just click “Screen Options” on the dashboard and uncheck the widget options from the menu that slides down.

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