Duck Feeding Promotion

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A duck feeding promotion is one where you create a deeply discounted promotion that can only be used a few times. It’s like throwing a handful of bread crumbs to a pond of hungry ducks. It creates a flurry of activity as everyone rushes for the treat.

You can do the same thing with your Cart66 store using the Buy Now Links feature of Cart66. For example, an exiting way to run a Duck Feeding promotion is to create a promotion code that you only share on Twitter. Cart66 has a very powerful promotion management system.

First, log into your Cart66 admin and create a lovely discount that no one can refuse, like 50% your best selling product. In this example we will offer 50% off our Brita Pitcher water filter. Be sure to set the maximum redemptions to a relatively small number like 10. Also specify which product the promotion is for.

Once you have the promotion created make a buy now link for the promotion then run it through a URL shortener like Bitly so you have a nice little link to share.

Now that you have your nice, short link, log on to Twitter and send out a tweet like:

The next 10 people get 50% off our best selling Brita Pitcher

Sit back and watch the sales roll in.


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