Gravity Forms Pricing Fields In Cart66

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Cart66 has full support for the pricing fields in Gravity Forms. This means you can use Gravity Forms to design your product order form including unlimited product options. You can even have product options that change the price of the product. Here is how it works.

Create The Gravity Form

Click on the “New Form” link to create a new Gravity Forms form and design the form however you’d like. If you want Gravity Forms to control the pricing of the product, use the “Pricing Fields” that Gravity Forms provides.

Tips For Using The Gravity Forms Pricing Fields:

  • Use the “Product” field type to set the base price for your product
  • Use the “Option” field type to add options which may affect the product price
  • It is best to let Cart66 handle shipping costs

Create The Cart66 Product

Once you have completed designing your product order form in Gravity Forms, navigate to the Cart66 Products panel in your WordPress admin to create the Cart66 product.

Attach The Gravity Form To The Cart66 Product

Select the Gravity Form that you want to attach to the Cart66 product from the “Attach Gravity Form” drop down. This will tell Cart66 to render the Gravity Form as the product order form rather than the standard Add To Cart button.

Gravity Forms Pricing

If you designed your Gravity Form to have pricing information for the product and product options select “Yes” for the Gravity Forms pricing drop down. This tells Cart66 to use the pricing information in Gravity Forms rather than the standard Cart66 pricing fields. Note that you cannot use BOTH Cart66 pricing AND Gravity Forms pricing for the same product at the same time.

Set The Quantity Field

If one of the fields in your Gravity Form allows the buyer to set the quantity for the product, let Cart66 know which field specifies the quantity. This will let the buyer order multiple units of your product from the product order form.

Once you have finished configuring the Cart66 product and attaching the Gravity Form to that product, click “Save” to save your product information in Cart66.

Cart66 Product Creation Form

Saved Cart66 Product

Add The Product To A Page/Post

Navigate in your WordPress admin to the page or post where you want this product to appear and place the Add To Cart shortcode on the page.

Cart66 Add To Cart Shortcode

When you visit the page (or post) where you placed the Add To Cart shortcode, Cart66 will display the Gravity Form you have attached to the Cart66 product.

Final Cart66 Product Form Using Gravity Forms

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