Cart & Checkout Settings

The Cart and Checkout settings let you specify default settings for the checkout process.  All these settings take effect on the Cart and Checkout pages.

Cart & Checkout Settings

Shipping Form: This option lets you set the default appearance for the shipping form.  You can choose to always show the form or you can show a checkbox that says “Same as Billing”.

User Price Label: When you have a Cart66 Product that has User Defined Pricing enabled, the default text says “Enter an amount:”.  You can change this message here.

User Quantity Label:  When displaying the Quantity box, the default message is “Quantity:” You can change that label here.

Ajax Add to Cart:  This option does NOT enable or disable Ajax Add to Cart.  It just sets the default value to yes or no when adding a product shortcode to a page.  Ajax Add to Cart is always enabled in Cart66 and you can choose whether or not to use it based on the individual product shortcodes.

Product Links in Cart: When adding a product to the cart, you can choose whether or not the text of the product name has a link back to the original product page.  This link is dynamic based on the page that you have the add to cart shortcode.

Continue Shopping Button:  The default behavior of the Cart66 Continue Shopping button is to send the customer back to the last page that they were on when they clicked add to cart.  You can change this so the customer always goes back to the store home page (set in the main settings).

Customize Cart Images:  Cart66 uses CSS buttons by default throughout the cart.  You can specify a directory here that will override these buttons.  Make sure the path of the buttons you specify is outside of the plugins/cart66 directory as these will be overwritten with each Cart66 upgrade.

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Minimum Cart Amount

The Minimum Cart Amount feature allows you to specify a specific minimum amount required in order for a customer to checkout. In order to use this feature, you must enable it.  You can then specify a specific amount and the label that appears up until the customer reaches the minimum amount.  The checkout page will not be accessible until this amount has been reached.  The minimum amount is based on the subtotal, not the grand total.

The message appears at the top of the cart and will disappear once the minimum amount is reached.

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Terms of Service

You can require a customer to accept a Terms of Service in order to checkout.  If you enable this option, the customer will be required to accept the terms before they can access the checkout page.

Require Terms: Choose to enable (or disable) the Terms of Service agreement
Terms Title: Set the title of the TOS, you can style this text using the Cart66TermsTitle class
Terms Text: Enter the content of your terms. HTML is allowed.
Acceptance Label: Set the text for the “I Agree” button. Note that clicking it will automatically send the user to the checkout page.
Replacement Text: Enter the text to be displayed instead of the checkout button

Save your settings, and the Terms of Service will now replace the checkout button on your cart.

The following classes are available for styling the terms of service


It is also possible to instantiate the terms of service with a shortcode


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