Creating Your Member Home Page

Once a member logs in, they should be directed to their Member Home page, often referred to as a My Account page, where you might display a form to update the member to update his email address and password or manage their billing information. To set up a member home page complete the following steps:

Step 1: Decide which page you would like to use as your member home page or create a new page that you will use for this purpose. For this description, let’s assume you create a new page called My Account in your WordPress admin.

Step 2: Insert the account info shortcode onto your account page.

Step 3: So that the My Account page only shows up when someone is logged in, set a custom field as: Name: cart66_access Value: private

Step 4: Make sure that you do not require any active subscription on the My Account page. It may be the case that the member’s account is no longer active because their credit card has expired. So you want to make sure they can still access their My Account page so that they can update their billing information.

Step 5: Set this page to be the page to which a member is redirected after a successful login by specifying a custom field: Name: cart66_member Value: home

Step 6: By default, the the link text for the link to manage subscription information says, “Manage your subscription.” If you would like the “Manage your subscription” link to say something different, you can specify the link text in the short code. For example, if you wanted the link to say, “Update your billing information” you can provide a text attribute to the shortcode. [account_subscription text="Update your billing information"]


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