Enhanced Styles

enhancedStarting in Cart66 1.5.6 we’ve added a new feature called “Enhanced Styles.” This feature adds better support for mobile devices and allows for you to use a color picker to choose the primary and secondary button colors. It also adds support for custom designed drop down selects that better support touch devices. If you wish to continue using your current designs and you are upgrading your version, simply leave this box unchecked and it will use the legacy settings from earlier versions.


Also, in this version of Cart66 we also redesigned all of the buttons and provided them in Photoshop format so you can edit the colors as you wish. You can download the custom buttons and upload them to your designated folder under the Cart and Checkout tab in the Cart66 settings in your WordPress admin. Just click on the slice tool in Photoshop and you can export them as you require if you decide to change the colors.

Download the custom button Photoshop files

Download the flattened PNG files

Here is a demo of the new buttons:


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