Error Logging & Debugging

The Error Logging & Debugging section will give you some useful tools that might help your site function a little better or enable you to find the root cause of errors.

Error Logging & Debugging

Enable Logging: A file named log.txt will be created in your plugins/cart66 directory and Cart66 will write log messages to the log file as you interact with your site. Logging should only be enabled during testing because the log file will grow very quickly. Also, because the log file is designed to help you see what data is getting saved, the log file may contain private information. Therefore, do not enable logging for live websites.

If you delete your log file from your server, you need to enable logging again to create another log file or manually create another log.txt file. The only time Cart66  tries to create a log file is when you click the Save button in the Cart66 Error Logging & Debugging settings. Without a log.txt file present Cart66 will not write log messages. This is to prevent the accidental logging of information if you delete the log.txt file but forget to disable logging in the Cart66 settings panel.

To see the log, check out the Debug Data section below.

Disable Caching: If you have customers who are not able to checkout correctly, their web browser may be caching the pages and not allowing them to correctly see the information in the cart.  You can send HTTP headers that will try to prevent the browsers from caching the pages here.

Delete Database when Uninstalling: When Uninstalling Cart66, the database will remain intact unless you select Yes on this section.  If you are upgrading from Cart66 Lite, keep this at no as they both use the same database.

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Session Management

The default settings here should work for most websites.  If you are experiencing issues, changing these settings may help.

Database Sessions: By default, Cart66 uses the database to store sessions.  If your customers are not able to properly checkout, try setting this to No to use native PHP sessions and see if it makes a difference.

Disable IP Validation: Some customers are not able to checkout because their IP address changes constantly.  If you have customers whose IP addresses are doing this, disable this validation option.

Session Length:  The default length of a session is 30 minutes from the last moment of inactivity.  You can change this here.  In most cases, 30 minutes is a perfect amount.

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Debug Data

The debug data section essentially shows the status of the Cart66 installation and some default variables about your PHP and WordPress install.  If anything appears in red, it means that there are issues with your store.  If yours looks similar to the screenshot below, you should be good to go.  The first option in the list only appears if you have logging enabled.  You can choose to Download the log file, or if it is too large, you can clear it.

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This site is documentation for Cart66 Pro which is no longer maintained. View the Cart66 Cloud Documentation.
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