Live Shipping Rates

Cart66 supports calculating live shipping rates from UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post & Australia Post. Enter the appropriate account details in the Cart66 Shipping Settings panel and Cart66 will calculate shipping costs for your customers based on their location and the weight of the products in the cart.

USPS Settings:

UPS Settings:

FedEx Settings:

Australia Post Settings: you must have your home country set to Australia in order to use the Australia Post live rates.

Canada Post: you must have your home country set to Canada in order to use Canada Post live rates.

Local pickup option: you can use this section to enable a free or set amount “in-store” or pickup option.  You can set the label to whatever you like and the specific amount.  You must select the “enable” option in order for this to work.  The “Push to End” option allows you to put it at the end of the drop-down list so it is not automatically selected since if it is the cheapest option.

Rate Tweaker: you can tweak the live shipping rates by a specific percentage or amount.


This site is documentation for Cart66 Pro which is no longer maintained. View the Cart66 Cloud Documentation.
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