Main Settings

Order Number

In order to use Cart66, you will need to “Activate” the plugin using the Oder Number you received when you purchased the plugin. If your plugin is not activated, the main settings tab will default to the Order Number section.

You will see a message at the top of your page letting you know that this is not a registered copy of Cart66.  Click on the Order Number link to display the form to enter and save your order number.

Enter the order number you received on your receipt when you purchased Cart66 and click save.  A successful activation will show the following dialog box:

Entering an invalid Order Number will display a message that lets you know you need that it is incorrect.

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Main Settings

Home Country: You need to set your home country here as a default for shipping and billing options. If you are shipping to the US, you can also check the box to include US Territories in the state drop-down list.

Currency Symbol and Currency Character: You can define the currency symbol that you will be using on your site.  If you are using the $ symbol, you will not need to define this at all, but can leave it blank.  The Symbol field requires the HTML entity, while the Character field requires the actual symbol itself.

International Sales: You can specify whether or not you want to ship internationally.  If set to yes, a list of available countries will appear.  Click the + symbol on the right hand side for the countries to be added to the left hand side of the list.  Click the – symbol on the left side to remove it from the list of countries you want to ship to.  You can also drag the countries on the left side to rearrange the order that they appear.

Hide System Pages: Cart66 installs a few pages on activation in order to correctly manage the checkout process.  By default, the Express, IPN and Receipt pages are hidden from the main navigation menus.  By selecting yes, you will also hide the Store, Cart and Checkout pages from the navigation menu.  This will allow you to create your own custom menus in the order that you choose.

Track Inventory: This is the master on/off for tracking inventory.  If you plan to track inventory, you will need to set this to “yes” and then enable it for each product individually on the Inventory page.

‘Edit this Product’ Links: When you are logged in as an Admin, you have the option of having ‘Edit this Product’ or ‘Edit this Subscription’ links on the page to give you quick access to the product or subscription itself.

Digital Product Folder: This is the path to your folder that will hold your digital products on your server.  Note: We suggest you choose a folder that is not web accessible for greater security.  For larger files, you can use our Amazon S3 Integration.  Visit the Digital Product Folder page for more information.

Custom CSS URL: Set this to override the default Cart66 styles.

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Status Options

Set the status options for your orders here.  You can update these per order by viewing the order directly from the orders page. You can also send an email update based on each of these order options.  Visit the Notifications page for more information.

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Store Home Page

Store URL: Set this to the home page of your store.

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Admin Roles

You can set which user roles are allowed to access each of the Cart66 pages.  By default, the majority of them are set to Administrator for security.  You can choose between Administrator, Editor, Author and Contributor. The Subscribers role does not have access to any Cart66 pages. The orders page is set to Editor by default, but this can be easily changed if you have other users who you don’t want to have access to the order information.

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This section allows you to specify access denied messages for visitors when they try to access protected content.  You can also specify a message for subscribers that don’t have access to a specific part of your site.

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This site is documentation for Cart66 Pro which is no longer maintained. View the Cart66 Cloud Documentation.
What Happened to Cart66 Pro?