Managing Products

Of course the main purpose of having an e-commerce website is to sell products. Cart66 let’s you sell physical products (such as headphones that require shipping), digital products (like your own MP3s or PDF files delivered as downloads), or services (like WordPress template customization, that don’t require any delivery at all).  Cart66 also integrates with PayPal for selling memberships and subscriptions.

You can create new products by clicking on the Cart66 Products page in the Cart66 navigation menu of your WordPress dashboard.

When selling a product with Cart66 you specify the following fields:

Product name: The name of your product

Item number: A unique item number (SKU) associated with your product

User defined price: Allow the customer to set the price of the product (ie a donation). If you have turned on user-defined pricing, you can set the range of allowed prices through the Min price and Max Price options.  Default – NO

Taxed: Whether or not you want to charge sales tax on the sale of the product. Default – NO

Shipped: Whether or not your product requires shipping. Digital products and services would not require shipping whereas physical products like headphones would. If you are using live shipping rates, you can set a weight which Cart66 uses to calculate the shipping cost. Default – YES

Minimum Quantity: Set the minimum quantity that can be added to the cart. Enter 0 (zero) or leave this blank to not limit the minimum quantity.

Max Quantity: You may wish to limit the quantity of a product that can be added to the cart. For example, if you are selling a digital product, it might not make sense to allow your customer to buy multiple copies of the same product. So you can limit the max quantity to 1. Enter 0 (zero) or leave this blank to not limit the max quantity.

Attach Gravity Form: You can use a Gravity Forms form as the order form for your product. To do so, first create the Gravity Forms from then link the form to you product by selecting the form name.  You can only attach a Gravity Form to one product.

Quantity Field: You can specify one of the fields in your Gravity Forms form as the quantity field so that the buyer can add multiple units of the product to the cart at once.

Membership Product: You can allow a customer to purchase a product that will give them access to your site.  You can also specify a feature level and duration for the account.  This is a non-recurring product and it also disables the Minimum and Maximum Quantity fields since subscriptions and membership products can only have a maximum quantity of 1.

Following is a screenshot of the default layout for the products section.

To edit a product that has already been created, scroll down to the table containing all your products.

If a product contains a Gravity Form, it will list it underneath the product name.

By default, Cart66 shows 30 products sorted by ID.  You can select how many products you want to view from a pre-defined list.  NOTE: If you have a large number of products, selecting ALL may cause your page to load extremely slowly.

You can search for a product by typing in the name, item number or price in the search field. The search results appear instantly without requiring the page to reload. You can click on the item number itself, or on the edit link in the Actions column to actually edit the product itself.

If you want to delete a product, Cart66 will ask you to confirm after clicking on Delete.  This will help prevent accidentally deleting a product from your site. Click OK to delete the product and Cancel to return to the page.



This site is documentation for Cart66 Pro which is no longer maintained. View the Cart66 Cloud Documentation.
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