Advanced Notifications

The Advanced Notifications tab allows you to select whether or not to use the default, plain text email receipt that comes with Cart66, or to use the advanced HTML/plain receipt and also gives you options for order status update emails, followup emails, order fulfillment emails, subscription reminder emails, and an email log.


When Advanced Notifications are disabled, you cannot edit the content of the email itself.  Cart66 sends out a default email receipt that has the billing/shipping information and the products that have been ordered.  In this section, you can specify the from nam, from address, email subject and an intro for the email.  You can also specify static email addresses that can receive a copy of each email receipt.

When Advanced Notifications are enabled, you will have a few more options to configure the email.  Similar to the above method, you will be able to specify the from name, from address, email subject and you can also specify static email addresses that can receive a copy of each email receipt.

With the Advanced Notifications, you can create Plain text or HTML/Plain text emails.  With this option, there are a number of data tags that you can use in the email body.  Just click once on any data tag and it will select the entire data tag.  Then copy it as you would any text and paste it into the code editors. Please see the section on Email Data Tags for more information.

By default, Cart66 will only send plain text emails.  You can enable this right here and the HTML code editor will appear.

The HTML code editor has syntax highlighting built in making it much easier to edit code.

As you edit your code, you can always click on the Preview HTML Email button to see a live preview as you edit your code.

The live preview will appear in a popup box.  The data tags will appear as data tags and will not be replaced with live information.

Once you have finished editing your HTML email, you can click on the Copy HTML to Plain button to copy over just the plain text from the HTML email. There will most likely be spacing issues, so you will have to clean it up a little.

The plain text box also has highlighting for the data tags.

And you can also preview the plain text email as well.

At any time, you can send yourself a test email to see what it will look like in your inbox.  Make sure you save the changes you have made before sending the email.  Just enter in your email address into the test email address section and click send.  A dialog box will let you know whether it was successful or not.

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Password Reset

The password reset options are similar to the email receipt when advanced notifications are turned off.  You cannot edit the content of the email at this time, but you can set the from name, from address, email subject and email intro.

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Order Status Updates

The order status updates are based on each of the statuses that you have set in the main Cart66 settings.  For example, if you have set up New, Processing, Shipped and Complete, Cart66 will automatically create a section for each one of these statuses.

Each of these sections will have all of the same fields as the email receipt.
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The followup email must be enabled in order to work.  This gives you the ability to send an email at a certain time after the order has been placed.  If this email followup is enabled, it will be sent for every order that comes through on your site.

You can select the interval that the email is sent out.  You can select Days, Weeks or Months.  This is an approximate time and is based on visits to your site.

All the rest of the followup settings are the same as the email receipt.
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Order Fulfillment

With the order fulfillment section, you can specify that emails are sent out based on specific products that have been purchased.  This is good if you use a fulfillment companies to send your products to your customers.  The order fulfillment settings allow you to specify a to name, to address and which products are eligible for each email that is sent.

Cart66 will create a table of fulfillment notifications that you have set to go out underneath the fulfillment centers section.

Underneath that are the settings for the fulfillment email.  It is recommended to use the {{products}} data tag in the fulfillment email as it will display a table of all the products purchased in that order.  All the settings in this section are the same as the email receipt settings.
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Subscription Reminders

Subscription reminders are designed to send your customers reminders when their account is nearing expiration so that you can get them back on your site and they can purchase upgrades or renewals to your membership plans.  The settings for each membership reminder are similar to the email receipt settings with a few extra options.

When creating a subscription reminder, you will need to choose a subscription or membership product that the reminder will be tied to.

You will also need to set the interval at which time the reminder will be sent.  The interval itself can have a single number or you can set different numbers for the same interval.  For example, you can have 30 days. or 7,15,30 days.  This will send the same reminder 7 days out, 15 days out and 30 days out.

The reminders section has the same basic HTML/Plain text code editors, but there are different data tags available for insertion.  These emails are not connected directly to the order a customer has placed.  They are connected to the account itself.  Please see the Email Data Tags section for more information on these tags.

At the bottom of the reminders section is a table with all of the saved reminders.

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The email log section allows you to log all notifications that are sent through Cart66.  You can choose which ones you want to enable.

As emails are sent, you can come back to this page and see a list of emails that have been sent. You can view the content of the email directly, and you can also choose to resend the email itself.  This log does not guarantee that the email reached it’s destination, it just verifies whether or not Cart66 itself is able to send off the emails directly.
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This site is documentation for Cart66 Pro which is no longer maintained. View the Cart66 Cloud Documentation.
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