Manage all of your orders in the orders panel of Cart66. The default view is a chronological list of all of your orders. You can filter your orders by your order status options (as configured in the Settings panel of Cart66).

To see a printer-friendly version of the receipt, click on the Receipt link.  This will create a popup window with a Print Receipt button.

If you have saved notes in the order view, you can click on the Notes link and it will create a popup with the note.

To view an individual order, click the “View” link next to the order you want to view. When viewing an individual order you will see all of the details of the order. This section contains a summary of the order, billing information, shipping information, contact information, delivery type and tracking numbers. You can click on the tracking number to go directly to the Carrier website and see the shipping status.  You can also click remove next to each tracking number to delete it or “Remove All Tracking Numbers” to delete them all.  These tracking numbers will appear on the online receipt as well.

You can view the customers receipt online, or view a printer friendly receipt by clicking on the “View Receipt Online” or “Printer Friendly Receipt” buttons. If your customer needs another copy of their receipt, you can email them another copy by clicking on the “Resend Email Receipt” link.  This is especially helpful if you customer ordered a digital product because they will be able to download the digital product file again from their online receipt.  If the purchase included a subscription or membership product, you can go directly to the linked account by clicking on the “View Account” link.

You can add notes about the order or customer in the notes field.  These notes are accessible in the main orders view, and you can see them whenever you visit the individual order.  These notes are NEVER visible to a customer.

You can add tracking numbers to an individual order as well.  Just enter in the tracking number, and select the carrier name.  If you need to add additional tracking numbers, select the + button at the end and it will add an additional row.  You can update the Order status as well through the drop down box.  The statuses here are the ones you set up in the main settings section.  If you want to send an Email for the status update, make sure you select the checkbox next to the Order Status and then hit Update.

You can also view a list of recent orders on the dashboard. See the section on Dashboard Widgets for more information.


This site is documentation for Cart66 Pro which is no longer maintained. View the Cart66 Cloud Documentation.
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