Pages That Require Subscriptions To Access

One way that you can protect your content is by requiring a member to have an active subscription to a particular subscription plan in order to access a particular post or page.

Suppose you have a page of screencast tutorials that you only want available to your subscribers. Here is how you set that up.

Step 1: Be sure to assign a feature level to your Paypal subscriptions and membership products when creating them.

Step 2: In your WordPress admin, navigate to the page containing your premium content. On the right sidebar of the page you will see a meta box called Feature Levels that lists all of your subscription feature levels. Since this page requires a subscription to view the content, check the feature levels that are allowed to view this page. You may allow multiple feature levels to access this page or just one.

Step 3: Decide if you want the page to appear in your navigation for everyone or only for logged in members. If you want this page to only appear after a member has logged in, add the custom field: Name: cart66_access Value: private

Whether the page access is marked as private only effects whether or not the page name appears in your navigation. If a non-member, or someone with out the required subscription attempts to view the page, they will be redirected to the access denied page. So, be sure you have configured an access denied page. After selecting the required feature levels, Update or Publish the page.


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