Placing Products On Your Site

Cart66 is designed to compliment the functionality in WordPress, not replace it. WordPress is an amazingly powerful content management system and already includes a wealth of functionality for managing page layout. There are also a variety of plugins available to provide functionality for showing image galleries, light box effects, slide shows, embedded videos, etc. Cart66 allows you to place Add To Cart buttons anywhere on any page or post of your site.  You can also use custom post types with a little bit of configuration.  For more information, see our section on Custom Post Types.

To add a product to your site, simply create a page or a post and describe your product just like you would for any other page or post on your site. Then, wherever you would like to place your Add To Cart button just follow these easy steps:

1) Place your cursor in the WordPress editor where you want the button to appear

2) Click the Cart66 icon in the Upload/Insert section of the editor toolbar

3) Select the product you want to add to the page and edit the options for it.  You can select whether or not to display a Quantity box, you can modify the button text, apply CSS styles to it, show the price only, hide the price and see a live preview.

4) Click insert.  A short code will appear in your post where you cursor is.

Then, when you view your the webpage you will see the add to cart button for your product. You can add as many Add To Cart buttons on the page as you like.

You can customize the way your add to cart button displays in the following ways:

  • Show just the add to cart button and not the price
  • Show just the price and not the add to cart button
  • Show the Quantity button with a default quantity.
  • Enable Ajax Add to Cart
  • Specify text for the button
  • Specify your own image to use for the add to cart button
  • Apply CSS styles to the display

As you make adjustments, you can see a live preview of what the button will look like.



This site is documentation for Cart66 Pro which is no longer maintained. View the Cart66 Cloud Documentation.
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