Prices For Each Product

If all your products are roughly the same size and weight you may be satisfied charging the same shipping prices for all the products in your store. For example, if all you sell is t-shirts, since all your t-shirts are basically the same size and weight, you probably don’t need to bother setting specific shipping prices for each individual t-shirt. If, on the other hand, you sell t-shirts, guitars, and amplifiers you probably should set up shipping prices for each of the different products. Amplifiers are much bigger and heavier than t-shirts and cost much more to ship. Cart66 let’s you define a shipping rate and a shipping bundle rate for each product in your store. Just like with the default rates, the shipping rate is the rate you charge for the first item and the shipping bundle rate is the rate you charge for each additional item.

If you specify shipping rates for specific products then the rates you specify are used to calculate the total shipping cost of the order. You do not have to specify specific rates for every product you sell. If a product does not have specific shipping rates set, the default rates for the selected shipping method are used. As you add product shipping prices, they will appear in a table below the shipping method section. Note: You must have at least one shipping method created for this section to work correctly.


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