Product Variations

Cart66 let’s you specify product variations. This means that you can allow your customers to select different options via drop-down boxes on your product page. You can even specify product options that change the price of the product.

You can specify up to two groups of product options with as many options in each group as you like.

Suppose you are selling t-shirts that cost $15 each and you offer small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. You want to charge an extra $2.00 for the extra large size. You also have both white and navy blue colors. Cart66 has two product option group fields for you to list these product variations. You would enter them as follows:

After specify these options, you will get a product button that looks like this:

The product options are simply typed in and separated by commas. Notice that all you have to do to change the price of a product is add a plus sign followed by a dollar amount. If you want to decrease the price of your product, such as with the refurbished option, you simply add a minus sign followed by the dollar amount by which you want to reduce the price.

Suppose you were selling headphones and wanted to have the option for your customers to buy either new or refurbished headphones. You could specify those options as follows:

After specifying these options, you will get a product button that looks like this:


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