You can create a promotion to give to customers that will deduct a set amount or percentage off of products in the cart, shipping or the cart total.  Note: You can only apply one promotion per order.

Following are the fields required to create a promotion:

Promotion name: this is the name of the promotion and is required

Promotion code: this can be just one code or multiple different codes separated by a comma. Each code will apply this specific coupon with all the same settings

Type of promotion: You can select a specific money amount or a percentage

Apply to: you can set this promotion to apply to individual products, shipping or the entire cart total

Amount: the amount can either be a money amount or a percentage based on the type of promotion set earlier

Minimum Order: you can set a minimum amount required for this promotion to apply. Leave this blank to not require a minimum amount.

Required Quantity: you can set a minimum and/or maximum quantity that this promotion can apply to. Leave this blank to not require a minimum or maximum quantity.

Date Range: you can set a start date/time and end date/time for which this promotion applies. We have included a calendar picker that will allow you to set the format correctly.

Maximum Redemptions: you can specify the maximum number of times a promotion can be redeemed. You can keep track of the number of times a promotion has been redeemed by looking at the promotions table below the add/edit section.

Maximum Redemptions Per Order: you can set the maximum number of times a promotion can be applied per order.  This is important if you don’t want the promotion amount to be applied more than once.  For example, you may be selling a $100 product and have a $25 off coupon.  This coupon could be applied 4 times which would then give the product away for free.  Set this to 1 to make sure that it is only applied once.

Eligible Products: you can set which products this promotion applies to.  Leave this blank to apply to all products.

Additional Settings: you can set this promotion to be enabled, as well as to auto apply if you like. Uncheck the enable option for a quick way to disable the promotion.

After saving your promotion, you will see it appear in the table below.


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