Protecting Some Of The Content On A Page

Suppose you have a page that has some public content, like a header teaser, but to see the rest of the content you need to be a member. Cart66 provides shortcodes with which you can surround your protected content.

The show_to short code allows you to specify which feature levels you want to show the wrapped content to. There is also a hide_from shortcode which works in the opposite way, allowing you to specify which feature levels you want to hide content from. Both of these shortcodes use a level=”…” attribute to specify a comma separated list of feature levels.

In the scenario where some of the content on a page is public but other content is only to be seen by members, use the show_to shortcode as follows.


All visitors may view the first, greeting message, but only members can view the content wrapped in the [show_to] shortcode.


Suppose you want to promote your Premium membership to folks that just have a Basic membership. You would like to create a page with an offer to upgrade to a Premium membership but you want to hide that offer from people who already have a Premium membership. Configure the content on your page as follows:


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