Shipping Methods And Default Shipping Rates Shipping

Cart66 let’s you set up as many different shipping methods as you like. For each shipping method, you specify a default rate and a default bundle rate. The default rate is what you charge to ship the first item your customer buys. The default bundle rate is what you charge to ship each additional product. Because you can bundle two products together into the same box, you can save on shipping costs.

Suppose you sell headphones, and you ship them via FedEx Ground. You may specify the default rate as $8.00 and the default bundle rate as $4.00. So if you customer buys 1 set of headphones it costs $8.00 to ship them. If they buy two sets of headphones, you can ship both headphones in the same box so it only costs $12.00 to ship the two sets of headphones ($8.00 for the first set + $4.00 for the second set). As you add shipping methods, they will appear in a table below the shipping method section.


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