Shopping Cart Sidebar Widget

The Cart66 Shopping Cart sidebar widget shows your customer how many products are in their cart, the total price of the cart (not including tax or shipping) and provides links to view the shopping cart and check out.

After you install Cart66, you will probably want to activate the Shopping Cart Sidebar Widget. To activate the widget navigate in your WordPress admin panel to the Appearance -> Widgets tab. Drag the Cart66 Shopping Cart widget on to the side bar.

You can add a title to the widget and select wether to use the advanced widget, or the standard widget.  The standard widget only provides you with a total count of the items in the cart as well as the subtotal.  You will also have links to the cart and checkout pages.

The advanced widget will also show you each individual product in the cart with the quantity and the item subtotal.  You can also select wether or not to show shipping in the advanced view.

If you are using the Ajax Add to Cart method, these widgets will automatically update as you add products to the cart.


This site is documentation for Cart66 Pro which is no longer maintained. View the Cart66 Cloud Documentation.
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