Subscription Products

Cart66 integrates with PayPal Express Checkout for selling subscription or recurring payment products.

Once your PayPal subscription plans are set up in your PayPal account, log into your WordPress admin and navigate to the Cart66 products page. If you have properly configured the PayPal settings in the Cart66 settings panel, you will see an option to “Attach a subscription” in the Cart66 product form. Select the subscription plan that you want to attach to this product from the drop down list of your active subscription plans. Please see the Managing Products section for more information on creating a PayPal Subscription in Cart66.

To sell a subscription with PayPal Express Checkout, you need to visit the PayPal Subscriptions menu tab in the Cart66 menu.

To create a subscription, you will need to specify the following fields:

Subscription name: the unique name of your subscription

Feature level: a feature level for your subscription.  For example, basic, intermediate or advanced

Item number: a unique item number (SKU) associated with your subscription

Initial payment: a payment that is taken immediately when the order is complete.  This is not the first payment for the subscription.

Recurring price: the actual price of the subscription

Bill every: the interval at which the subscription recurrs

Billing cycles: this can be continuous or any number between 1 and 30

Attach Gravity Form: if you have Gravity Forms installed, you can attach a form which will be used to add the subscription to the cart

Offer trial period: use this section to specify whether or not you want to offer a trial period. The fields inside this section are very similar to the ones above.  Just set the amount of time between trial cycles, the price and the number of cycles.

Start payment in: set this option to determine when the first recurring payment will be charged.

Price description: use this to enter in a specific description for the price.  This completely replaces the price on the product page.

After saving the subscription, you will be able to see it, as well as all your other subscriptions in the table below.


This site is documentation for Cart66 Pro which is no longer maintained. View the Cart66 Cloud Documentation.
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