Using Gravity Forms with Cart66

If you have a product that requires a complex order form, Cart66 integrates with Gravity Forms so that you can setup a Gravity Forms form as your order form for your product.

Please note that Gravity Forms is a separate plugin provided by rocketgenius.

Create the Gravity Forms form that you want to use for your product order form. You may want to go into the Advanced tab when creating your form and change the default “Submit” Form Button text to say “Add To Cart” or assign an add to cart image for the button.

When creating a form, if you want to add variations to the price of the form, you must use the values option to send the price to Cart66. Inside the values field, just add the variation amount like you would in the Cart66 Product Variations section. NOTE: Remember that the Gravity Form variations will modify the default price of the Cart66 product itself. You don’t need to specify the starting price in the Gravity Form itself.

Cart66 does not utilize the pricing fields within Gravity Forms to carry over the price of the product.  If you want to use the Pricing Fields within Gravity Forms, you still need to use the value section to send over the variation. You will also need to create a “Product” option that has the same price as the Cart66 product.

Navigate to the Cart66 products page and create a product. Specify the attributes of the product including the product name, item number, price, etc. At the bottom of the Product form there are two Gravity Forms specific fields where you can attach a Gravity Forms form and specify a field in that form to use as the quantity of the product.

When placing a product that uses a Gravity Forms form on your site, be sure to use the Gravity Forms shortcode, not the Cart66 [add_to_cart] shortcode. Place the Gravity Forms shortcode on a page in your WordPress admin.  NOTE: You cannot use the “ajax” feature in the Gravity Form if it is attached to a Cart66 Product.

After you have published your product page, you can test out your form by navigating to the page, filling out the options and click submit, or add to cart.

When you click submit, it will add the Cart66 Product to the cart along with the Gravity Forms options. NOTE: You may want to turn of the Gravity Forms email notifications as they will be sent at this point.  Cart66 will send an order receipt at the end of the transaction.

You can always click on the “Show Details” link to see all the Gravity Forms information that is displayed on the page.

If you would rather not show the “Show Details” link on your checkout page, just add this custom CSS to your active themes style.css file:


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