WordPress Membership Sites With Cart66 And PayPal Subscriptions

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Cart66 provides powerful tools for you to set up a membership website using PayPal Subscriptions. PayPal provides a secure, low cost way to collect money on a recurring basis and Cart66 adds the power of feature levels to PayPal Subscriptions. You can set up multiple subscription plans and assign each plan a feature level then define access privileges to the content on your website based on the feature level of the logged in Cart66 member. You can define access to pages, posts, or even segments of content within pages and posts.

Some of the features Cart66 provides for your WordPress membership website using PayPal Subscriptions include:

  • Define unlimitted numbers of feature levles.
  • Limit access to pages and posts based by feature level.
  • Hide or show content on any page or post based on the logged in member’s feature level
  • Hide or show pages in your site’s navigation based on whether or not the visitor is logged in.
  • Extremely flexible recurring billing plans.

You can use the Cart66 recurring billing features to sell any type of product for which you would like to collect money on a repeating basis. In addition to selling memberships to your website, you could sell:

  • Payment plans for products (For example, 4 payments of $29.99 each)
  • Web hosting plans
  • Association dues
  • Monthly contributions
  • Consulting services
  • Lawn care
  • Gym memberships
  • and more…

Creating A Subscription Product

Cart66 makes it very easy to create a subscription product. All you need to do is:

  1. Give the subscription a name and item number
  2. Assign a feature level to the subscription
  3. Define how much and how often you want to bill your customer

Defining Access Privileges To Pages And Posts

Once you have set up your subscription plans and feature levels, you can easily protect any page or post simply by checking off which feature levels are allowed to access the page. In the example below, we are allowing both Gold and Silver members to access the page but a portion of the page’s content is hidden from Silver members.

Private and Guest Only Pages

Sometimes there are pages that you only want to appear in your site’s navigation if a visitor is logged in, such as the “Log Out” link or a “My Account” link. Likewise, there are some links you might only want in your navigation if the visitor is not logged in, such as the “Log In” page. Requiring a feature level to view a page does not remove the page from your site’s navigation. If a page is accessed by a visitor who does not have permission to view the requested page, the visitor is shown an access denied message. If you want to remove a page from the navigation when a visitor is not logged in, you can assign a custom field named cart66_access = private to the page.

If you want a page to only show up in the navigation if the visitor is not logged in, you can assign a custom field name cart66_access = guest and the page will be removed from the navigation once the visitor has logged in.

Creating A My Account Page

A WordPress Membership website should have a My Account page that lists the customers current subscription and feature level and allows them to manage their account information such as changing their password or updating their email address. Cart66 provides shortcodes so you can design the layout of the My Account page to your liking. Some feature that you can include on the My Account page are:

  • Update name and email address
  • Change account password
  • Cancel subscription

To see an example of a site using Cart66 to manage a complex membership website, look no further than the site you are on now. Cart66.com uses Cart66 to manage:

  • Membership access
  • PayPal subscriptions for memberships
  • Affiliate program using iDevAffliate Platform
  • Zendesk powered support system for members only

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