Working with Promotions

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Promotion Name: *Required
Description: Enter a name for the promotion. This name will be displayed to the customer at checkout and in the sales report. Promotion names do not need to be unique.
Example: Summer Sale, Wednesday Special

Promotion Code: *Required
Description: Enter 1 or more codes which will be entered to redeem a promotion. Promotion codes must be unique and are separated by commas and may not contain spaces. They will be automatically reformatted to uppercase.
Example: SALE, 1234567, SUPER_DUPER

Type of Promotion:
Description: Choose if the promotion is a dollar amount or a percentage.
Options: Money Amount, Percentage

Apply to:
Description: Choose the area of the cart to apply the discount. If there are eligible products set, the discount will only apply to them.
Options: Products, Shipping, Cart Total

Amount: *Required
Description: Set the amount of the promotion. Depending on the type of promotion, either a dollar amount or a percentage.
Example: $5.00, $15.21, 37%

Minimum order:
Description: Set a minimum cart total required for promotion eligibility.

Minimum and Maximum Quantities
Description: Set the minimum and maximum quantities required for the promotion to apply. A value of 0 means unlimited and is the default. Note that if you set more than one eligible product and a minimum quantity, all eligible products in the cart must meet the minimum quantity requirement.

Date range:
Description: Set a starting and ending point for the promotion. Either option may be used independently to create a window of eligibility for the promotion.

Maximum Redemptions:
Description: Set a maximum number of times a promotion may be used.

Eligible Products:
Description: Set products which are required for eligibility of promotion. If any of the eligible products are in the cart, the promotion will be eligible pending other conditions being met. If the promotion is applied to products, only those products will receive the discount. Simply start typing the product name in the box and Cart66 will automatically suggest valid products.

Description: Select if the promotion is enabled for customers

Auto Apply:
Description: Choose if the promotion should be automatically applied to the customer’s cart when all the conditions of eligibility are met

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