Zendesk Integration with Cart66

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Anyone who as wanted to have a web based help desk software with an elegant support ticket system and an easy to manage customer support forum has most likely discovered zendesk. Zendesk is the leader in web based support and we have built in support for Zendesk into Cart66.

With Cart66 and Zendesk you can have some or all of your forums only accessible to your members. Likewise you can put your support ticket system in your members area as well. Once one of your members is logged into your Cart66 powered WordPress Membership website, they will also be logged into your Zendesk support system. If a visitor tries to directly access your private zendesk forums or support ticket system without logging into your WordPress Membership site, Zendesk will redirect the visitor to your WordPress Membership site to log in. Once logged in, they can then access the private forums on Zendesk.

To set this up, Cart66 has integrated with Zendesk’s remote login API so that before a visitor is allowed access to a protected forum or your support ticket system they must first be logged in. It is very simple to set this up with your Cart66 Membership WordPress site.

Log into your Zendesk account as an administrator and navigate to the Accounts –> Security screen

Enable remote authentication and copy the Zendesk Authentication token and you Zendesk URL prefix into the Cart66 settings panel.

Now your Cart66 WordPress Membeship website is configured to work with your Zendesk support system. If you want to put a forum in your member’s area so only active members can access it, all you have to do is configure your Zendesk forum to require logged in users.

Finally, on your WordPress membership site, log into your WordPress admin and navigate to a page or post and include a link directly to the members only forum. Or, you may want to make use of a WordPress Redirect Page Template so you can define Cart66 access permissions for the page.

To find the direct link to the Zendesk forum, log into your Zendesk account and navigate to the forum you want to link to. Then just copy the URL from your web browser to your WordPress page or post content.

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